Rent A Boat Lumbarda And Badija Experience

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Where to head when you rent a boat on Korcula? The shore is vast and with many interesting sightseeing spots featuring the ever present bright and turquoise sea. In this post, get ready for rent a boat Lumbarda and Badija experience! We’re setting course to the sandy beach Przina of Lumbarda and the islet in front of Korcula town called Badija.

Sandy Beach Lumbarda Is Great Stop For Rent A Boat Lumbarda Experience
  1. Reaching Lumbarda – Rent A Boat Option
  2. Reaching Badija – Rent A Boat Option
  3. Rent A Boat Lumbarda Offers With Lido

If you decide to start your rent a boat Lumbarda experience from e.g. Prizba, you will notice that the shoreline to the eastern part of Korcula island has a few places for making a stop. To take a break and have a swim, there are bays that are remote and off the beaten track. They are very often hiding beautiful pebble beaches and all varieties of blue.

Reaching Lumbarda – Rent A Boat Option

Continuing the journey to the East along the rocky shoreline, you will reach the sandy beach Przina. It can be easily spotted because the whitish and grey colours of the usual rocky shoreline are in this bay blending with a golden brown sandy shoreline. You reached your first checkpoint in rent a boat Lumbarda and Badija experience!

Experience Sandy Beach In Lumbarda With Lido Rent

Once you’re inside the bay, it is mandatory to anchor the boat outside the belt indicating the borderline for swimmers. The sea bottom in this area is sandy and for the great part rather shallow when swimming towards the beach. The sandy beach of Lumbarda is the only sandy beach on the island and it is a very popular spot. There is a beach volleyball court for sports enthusiasts. There are a couple of bars here, one next to the volleyball court and the beach and a second one just a few steps from the beach, along the shoreline.

Bars And Other Offer On Lumbarda Sandy Beach

The first bar is also a fast food restaurant opened during Summer serving simple meals. This place features a large terrace with nice views to the beach and the bay. There were some other amenities along the beach during previous years, such as the massage service.

The second bar is located next to the sea on the shoreline and it has cocktails on the menu, great for a summer chillout or evening starter. The views from this place are quite nice as you are sitting next to the sea along the shoreline.

To complete this rent a boat Lumbarda episode, this area is also interesting to have a walk, as there are paths throughout the vineyards on a plain in the central part of this area which leads to Lumbarda center. The vineyards comprise mostly of the famous wine variety Grk, sprouting from the sandy soil.

We also have an activity tip for families with kids embarking on a rent a boat Lumbarda experience. During the previous Summers, there was also an inflatable castle-themed playground anchored not too far from the shoreline, a great place for kids to play.

Wind Info Regarding The Lumbarda Sandy Beach

Please note that there could be waves in this bay when there are winds from south and south-east. Always check the weather forecast in advance for maximal experience.

Reaching Badija – Rent A Boat Option

Continuing your rent a boat Lumbarda trip around the far-eastern part of the island and northern bays of Lumbarda, you will reach the archipelago of Korcula town. This area comprises many islets, one of them being Badija.

Monastery On the Islet Of Badija

Badija is situated just a little bit to the south-east outside the old town of Korcula. It is one of the largest islets among the islets that are scattered around the island of Korcula.

There is an impressive monastery on the southern side of the island with nice architectural segments and artwork. Close by is a nice seaside promenade with a restaurant and some spots to have a swim. Along with the mentioned landmarks, the island of Badija has a lot of walking paths which are great for exploring the nature of this area as most of the islet is covered in forest. Many of them lead to the beaches on the other side of the islet, which are a bit more remote. The Franciscans inhabited the islet for the most part until in the 1960s when it became a sport resort. The islet was returned to franciscan’s custody in the early 2000. On 2nd of August, there is a traditional procession being held with boats, called perdun.

Once you’re in this area, we suggest parking the vessel and strolling through the streets of the old town of Korcula. The other more notable islets in this part are Vrnik and Moro, with the latter gaining more and more popularity with its picturesque beach.

To quickly reach the area around Korcula town and Lumbarda, we suggest our speedboat or a rubber boat rental for maximal experience.

Rent A Boat Lumbarda Offers With Lido

A rent a boat Lumbarda and Badija experience like this one requires planning, especially when calculating wind direction. A rent a boat Lumbarda and Badija trip from e.g. our headquarters in Prizba can take some time. You can contact us for delivery options of speedboats and rubber boats which can come into consideration especially if you are staying in some of the apartments in Lumbarda on the eastern side of the island of Korcula and you would like to explore more of Korcula town archipelago and Lumbarda with rent a boat Lido.