Rent A Boat Near Vela Luka And Visit Beautiful Islands

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If you decide to start exploring the island of Korcula and you are staying near Vela Luka rent a boat in Karbuni might be one of the first stops to check out!

Heading to the south-eastern direction from Vela Luka, you’ll reach the bay of Karbuni, with beautiful islets in that area. Many of them hide great spots for having a swim or for snorkeling around in the bright turquoise sea. Here are our top picks for spots on the islets around Karbuni and also the bay of Nova.

1. Lagoon-like paysage around the islet of Prznjak

Near Vela Luka Rent A Boat In Karbuni And Visit The Islet of Prznjak

This one is surely one of the most notable spots around Karbuni. Lagoon-like area, with a mixture of sand and pebbles hides many nuances of bright turquoise sea. Truly a piece of paradise on Earth.

2. Cliff jumping spot off south-eastern part of Trstenik

Vela Luka Rent A Boat - Adrenaline Cliff Jump in Karbuni On Islet Trstenik

If you are an adrenaline lover, you’ll love this one. The south-eastern part of the islet of Trstenik has a point that locals use for cliff jumping. It is about 10 meters high and the sea is very deep. Nevertheless, be cautious if you would decide to take that leap!

3. Scuba diving spot along the southern part of Trstenik

Vela Luka Rent A Boat Near Beautiful Islets And Enjoy The Shoreline Of Trstenik

The southern part of the islet of Trstenik also hides cool underwater paysages for scuba diving. There is a spot where the sea bottom abruptly cuts and the fall goes deep into the sea depths. There could be many interesting fish and other sea species in here 🙂

4. Caper picking

Caper Picking Karbuni And Nova Bay Vela Luka Rent A Boat

Planning your holiday in low season in apartments Vela Luka before the summer kicks in June? Apart from the large amount of sunny days, this could be a great opportunity to bring home with you a nice stash of capers. These berry shaped vegetables can be pickled and they are great for salads and various kinds of seasoning to your favourite meat and especially fish and seafood dishes. The capers grow on the islets around Karbuni. We suggest to start from Lukovac, and with some luck you’ll find them a whole bunch!

With this area being close to Vela Luka rent a boat Lido offers its checkpoint also in Karbuni for various kinds of boat rental as well as speedboat. This way, you can start the exploration of Korcula shoreline straight from Karbuni. Vela Luka rent a boat option can also be considered if you are staying in nearby bay of Nova. Choose your preferred vessel here and the exploration of the big blue around Vela Luka can begin!

Vela Luka Rent A Boat In Nearby Seaside Resort Karbuni