Rent A Boat On Korcula And Explore The Shoreline Your Way

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Where to go when you rent a boat on Korcula? The shoreline offers many hidden spots and remote coves with wonderful sea colours. Choose a vessel that suits your style and head off to the big blue.

Lido boat for rent floating on the sea in front of Prizba on Korcula

Enjoy the nature at a slower pace

Taking off to the sea is easy with Lido rent selection of boats for everyone’s taste. For a laid-back approach, there are a couple of types of a typical Pasara boat, great for shorter relations around the southern part of the island. Islets in front of Prizba, Grscica or Karbuni are great for exploring. Many of them hide coves and areas where you can moor the boat and have a swim or dive in and admire the blue colour of the sea depths. With the wind breeze in your hair and scents of the seaside, the good times are ahead!

Explore more with a speedboat or a rubber boat

Many people dream of sailing away to the distant shores and exploring the big blue. Lido rent offers a range of speedboats and rubber boats with powerful engines that experienced boat enthusiasts will enjoy using. Feel the wind and summer breeze by riding the waves on these powerful vessels! As an idea for a quick day getaway if you are staying on Korcula, the island of Lastovo is easy to reach. It has great spots for swimming and restaurants with boat parking. The shoreline of this beautiful area is also very inviting and full of less known artifacts from the past. Do contact us for more information and advices on places around Korcula to visit.

Speedboat on Korcula in Lido rent offer

Fun – your way!

The fun doesn’t stop on boats and speedboats – with jet ski and seabob in Lido offer, you’ll definitely want to try out new methods of having fun at the sea. Jet ski is the first choice for adrenaline lovers. Glide on the sea surface and feel the speed on the open sea in front of you – it’s always a fun time! For those of you who would like try out new exciting stuff, be sure to check out the seabob. If you ever dreamed of swimming like a dolphin, this is the closest as it gets. The device is handheld and you manoeuvre it through the waves or towards the depths –  just like dolphins do. Whether it’s the speed rush with jet ski or the action with seabob, the fun is guaranteed.

Lido jet ski rent on Korcula in Prizba