Rent a boat in Beach in Prizba

The Coastline of Prizba

In the very centre of Prizba you will find our service to rent a boat and Korcula’s south side is a destination with lots of places to explore and to enjoy in any way you like. Lonely islets in Prizba are perfect for a boat trip and escape from the crowds: – Vrhovnjak hides many places great for swimming, Sridnjak is ideal for resting in the deep shades of pine and both Crklica and Stupa have an interesting coastline to explore – we recommend visiting the side facing the open sea and diving into the big blue. In Prizba, take a walk along the seaside promenade, enjoy a day at the beach or choose another way to discover the south side of Korcula, a jet ski ride would certainly be a more fun option for the speed lovers!.

Lido Rent - hire a boat, speed boat or jet ski in Grscica island of Korcula

Grscica and Karbuni

In Grscica you can also find our service to rent a boat, and Korcula’s south side in this area is once again a lovely area with an interesting archipelago full of places to experience! Starting from Grscica, a calm bay suitable for mooring and keeping a boat, the way to the east leads you along many hidden coves to Karbuni, a small place with so many islets hiding lonely beaches and magnificent sea depths – choose the one that you like best and sail off on an adventure.

Visit Istruga by boat, speed boat or jet ski, a well known healty mud beach near Brna

Coves around Brna

Brna – a typical Mediterranean cove with vast sea opening up just outside this bustling cove of Korcula – the jet ski might be your choice to have fun in here! From a popular resort to Istruga, a cove with sport facilities and a sandy beach, you’ll find everything to spend a good day. Still, don’t forget the coves around Brna, you might even find a beach just for yourself.