Lido Rent – rent a boat on Korcula and Prizba

Rent a boat on Korcula with Lido Rent! Boats for hire on the island of Korcula in places Prizba and Grscica. We offer several types of vessels for rent on Korcula: jet ski, boats, speedboats – visit our services in Prizba and Grscica to get informations on where to start exploring countless bays, beaches and islands along the southern coastline of Korcula: Prizba, Grscica, Karbuni, Brna… and more! Have fun on our jet skis or enjoy cruising on our speedboats. Contact us by phone or find us on the beach Zal in Prizba or in the cove Grscica.

mobile phone 1: +385 91 734 78 91
mobile phone 2: +385 91 957 66 56
Bar “Lido” – Blato
Tourist info Grscica
Blato tourist board

NEW! Speedboat Bluline 21


Iznajmljivanje Glisera Prižba Korčula6.5mNajam Glisera Prižba8personsLido iznamljivanje Glisera Prižba150hpNajam glisera Korčula Prižba60km/h

Speedboat Bluline 21, outboard Suzuki 150hp, suitable for 1-8 persons. For hire hourly or daily. Charter transfer to Mljet, Hvar, Vis, Lastovo.

 NEW! Rubber boat Kardis Fox


Iznajmljivanje Glisera Prižba Korčula5.7mNajam Glisera Prižba8personsLido iznamljivanje Glisera Prižba100hpNajam glisera Korčula Prižba60km/h

Rubber boat  5.7 m, outboard Yamaha 100hp, suitable for 1-8 persons. A boat for rent on hourly or daily basis.

Jet Ski

Jet Ski for Hire Prizba Grscica

Iznajmljivanje Jet Ski Prižba Korčula3.2mJet ski najam Prižba3personsLido iznamljivanje Jet ski Prižba110hpNajam jet-ski Korčula Prižba100km/h

Rent a jet ski Yamaha VX Sport 1100 for 15 minutes to 1 day.

Speedboat Marvel

Marvel 600 rent a boat Korcula Prizba Grscica

Iznajmljivanje Glisera Prižba Korčula5.8mNajam Glisera Prižba6personsLido iznamljivanje Glisera Prižba90hpNajam glisera Korčula Prižba55km/h

Speedboat Marvel 600, outboard Yamaha 100hp, suitable for 1-6 persons. For hire hourly or daily .

Speedboat Fisher

Speed Boat for hire at Lido Rent, Korcula Prizba

Iznajmljivanje Glisera Prižba Korčula5.5mNajam Glisera Prižba5apersonsLido iznamljivanje Glisera Prižba90hpNajam glisera Korčula Prižba55km/h

Speedboat Fisher 17 with an outboard Honda 90hp, suitable for 1-5 persons. For hire hourly or daily.

 Boat with cabin


Iznajmljivanje Glisera Prižba Korčula5mNajam Glisera Prižba6personsLido iznamljivanje Glisera Prižba9.9hpNajam glisera Korčula Prižba15km/h

Boat Pasara with cabin 5 m, outboard Yamaha 9.9hp, suitable for 1-6 persons. A boat for rent on hourly or daily basis.


Iznajmljivanje Glisera Prižba Korčula4.60mNajam Glisera Prižba5personsLido iznamljivanje Glisera Prižba5hpNajam glisera Korčula Prižba10km/h

Boat Pasara 4.60 m, outboard 6hp, suitable for 1-5 persons. A boat for rent on hourly or daily basis.

New attraction: SeaBob


Visit us on the beach “Zal” in Prizba and try new exciting experience: seabob.

Want to try out something new and exciting? Try out our new offer: SEABOB It is a handheld underwater propulsion device – explore the blue depths with a quick dive or pierce through the waves like dolphins do!

By boat to the islets of Prizba

Explore Prizba


If you have booked an accommodation on Korcula, do not miss to explore the unique coastline of Prizba, Grscica, Karbuni, Brna. Rent a boat and enjoy sailing around the lonely islands, hidden coves and beaches.

Bar Lido – Blato

Visit us also at the bar Lido. The bar is located in Blato, in the city centre next to the church and the town square, where various cultural and art events take place during summer. Relax, have fun and dance to the live music in the Lido bar with a wide selection of drinks and cocktails.
Lido bar Blato

Beach Bar – Prizba

Lido beach bar Prizba is situated on the main pebble beach in the center of Prizba. It features simple yet airy décor with light woods surrounded with olive trees. An ideal place to refresh after laying in the sun or after returning from the exciting tours with our speed boats or jet-ski.
Lido Beach bar Prizba



We rent jet ski, boat or speedboat on the beach Zal in the bay of Prizba and in Grscica.

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